• 145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch
  • 145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch
145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch

145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch

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Detail Information

Name: Single Phase Fan Speed Controller Type: Fan Speed Controller
Voltage Supply: 110VAC Or 220VAC 110VAC Or 220VAC: 3A、 5A、7.5A、10A、16A. 20A
Insulation Voltage: 2500VAC Gaussian: Press Controller On The Left Of The Red Switch, Open Controller.
Press Controller On The Left Of The Red Switch, Open Controller.: 145(L) X 93(W) X 60(H) Mm
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145mm Variable Speed Control Switch


7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch


Ceiling Fan Variable Speed Control

Product Description

Three-phase AC Motor Positive/ Reversion Controller


SAR Series Application Introduction

This controller is a new type of three-phase motor positive inversion controller, use to control within 4KW power of three-phase motor. The built-in electronic interlock circuit can effectively prevent the at the same time (SCR) in positive inversion incorrect operation at the same time conduction. If turn on to change direction to another direction was wrong, the motors will stop turning. LED display motors direction, green show forward, red show backward, its output terminal using SCR chip reverse parallel technology, in AC return pathline cascode inductive choke coil, can effectively restrain the switch or switching instant current impulse of SCR damage, while the built--in voltage dependent resistor to voltage protection and RC surge current absorbing circuit, so has the high transient overvoltage and surge current bear ability, the three -phase positive inversion widely in machine tool, travelling crane control, strobe control etc.

This controller adopt is three -phase two control or three -phase three control principle, is through which two phase voltage phaseconversion to achieve motor reversing function. According to power please choice heatsink and special fast fuse, also install temperature control swith on the heatsink.


SAR Series Function and Characteristic


◆ Input and output isolation between the photoelectric; withstand voltage≥2000VA.

◆ Built -in reversing input control interlock function.

◆ With the LED indicator positive inversion working state instruction.

◆ Three -phase into lines using inductance choke, Can effectively prevent switching transient current cause module damage.

◆ Isolation voltage≥2500VAC 1min.

◆ Input control voltage range: 12--24VDC.

◆ Adopt SCR inverse parallel as the output components of power, with high dv/dt index, good thermal stability, long service life, etc.


SAR Series Specification



Suit electric motor≤1.5KW

Control Voltage 12-24VDC

SAR16T60DY(A) Suit electric 1.5KW≤motor≤2.2KW Control Voltage 12-24VDC
SAR 16T80DY(A) Suit electric 2.2KW≤motor≤3.0KW Control Voltage 12-24VDC
SAR16T100DY(A) Suit electric 3.0KW≤motor≤4.0KW Control Voltage 12 -24VDC


Dimension Drawing(mm)


145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch 0


Fan Motor Speed Controller


145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch 1

     MFC-I(3A-25A)                                    MFC-B(2A-5A)                                 MFC-D(7A-20A)   


Description: according to customer requirements custom - made

high- power three- phase positive inversion controller.

Technical Performance Characteristics

Mainly used for fan speed control, reheating furnace of tempering pressure regulating and high-power bulb surge, etc. This product is smaller, wiring installation and use extremely is all convenient. At work, stable function and have the function of anti-jamming.

A,Single-phase Fan Goveror

The Main Technique Parameters

The product model: MFC-I-300W(3A) MFC-I-500W(5A) MFC-I-750W(7.5A)

MFC-I-1KW(10A) MFC-I-1.5KW(16A) MFC-I-2KW(25A)

Voltage supply: 110VAC or 220VAC

Working load current: 3A, 5A,7.5A,10A,16A. 20A

Insulation voltage: 2500VAC

Gaussian: Press controller on the left of the red switch, open controller.

Non-polar control knob clockwise, through variable control, makes the

fan-speeds from the smallest become the largest.

Overall dimensions: 145(L) x 93(W) x 60(H) mm


The product model: MFC-B(D)-110W(2A) MFC-B(D)-300W(3A) MFC-B(D)-500W(5A)

MFC-B(D)-750W(7A) MFC-B(D)-1KW(10A)

Voltage supply: 110VAC or 220VAC

Working load current: 2A. 3A,5A,7A. 10A,15A. 20A

Insulation voltage: 2500VAC

Gaussian: When turn the knob anticlockwise to bottom, output switch close;

When turn the knob clock wisely to larger, the output voltage build up from zero to max voltage.

145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch 2145mm 7.5A Variable Speed Control Switch 3


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